Cursillo is hard to say, but even harder to live without, once you have experienced it.
Cursillo’s Mission

Make a Friend.

Be a Friend. 

Bring your Friend to Christ. 

Easy to say. 

Easier to do with the support of other Christians.

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What is Cursillo?

“Cursillos in Christianity is a movement within the Catholic Church that, through a method of its own, tries to, and through God’s grace, manages to enable the essential realities of the Christian to come to life in the uniqueness, originality, and creativity of each person.”


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Spiritual Message

From the First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians


Chapter 1: 2-5


“We give thanks to God always for all of you, remembering you in our prayers, unceasingly calling to mind your work of faith and labor of love and endurance in

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